You can make your payments via Bank Transfer, MoneyGram, WesternUnion, RIA and Crypto USDT. (PAYPAL is not used in Turkey.)

Your licenses are valid for LifeTime when you receive them from the LifeTime Campaign. 1 Year or LifeTime campaigns are applied on our website. Whichever campaign you purchased from, that campaign period applies to you.

The products are delivered digitally by e-mail. In addition to the products, various educational videos and some tools are sent as gifts. You are buying replicable and reproducible products. There is no refund on our digital products. Please make your final decision on this issue before buying.

We have been abused a lot about demo products before. There have been a lot of people who have abused our strategy. We send open source products in some of our educational products. That’s why we don’t respond to Demo requests. We send products at very reasonable prices according to the market. Even in our 17-Hour NT8 videos, you can be able to make robots yourself, which are sold on the market for 3000 or 5000 USD.

Yes For any kind of questions, you can send us questions from the contact form.